Meet Inder Paul Sandhu


Inder Paul Sandhu, the unpredictable song writer, vocalist, rapper and fashion designer from East London.

Creatively on the edge of parable-tic lyrics, from charming rap flows to smooth soulful rock. From his break-through international award-winning rap single “Money Ain’t A Thing” to his sophomore soulful project “Bloom", from which DJ Sharad picked up the monster single “Compromise” for the Pharrell Williams & Adidas Holi mixtape.

BBC playlisted three times with each of his major releases.

Bobby Friction describes his songs as “emotionally intelligent” and “ear-wormy”.

...This is the first time we have had two songs from the same artist receiving track of the month!...” - Shay

— Sunny and Shay BBC London

Catch his insta-story and you will notice a new sound, his incredible band, packed out shows and exclusive studio sessions.

"I never thought I could amount to anything creatively especially singing but then my godmother told me that talent didn’t have any colour."

Now that he has found his talent and began to nurture it he just wants to die empty...

"I don’t want the grave to take any form of expression that I could of birthed before I died."

His personal favourite track 'Cold' off The Colindale Tape received track of the month by the BBC, this being the second time he's been recognised in such fashion.